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Who in your team is stressed and worried?

A 2022 survey by the World Economic Forum reports that stress levels among employees has risen for the third consecutive year with 44% of employees feeling stressed and worried.

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The TakeTen Solution

Stress and worry are on the rise with work-life balance for many employees becoming blurred . The return to the office post covid, the cost of living crisis and rising interest rates are taking their toll on many employees’ mental and emotional wellbeing.

The human stress response should be temporary and brief; however for many adults and children, their stress response can remain heightened for much of the day, which has a negative impact on their ability to focus and concentrate at work and at home.

In the workplace, presenteeism and absenteeism have considerable impact on workplace productivity. A recent study by Deloitte has shown presenteeism to be the most significant of the two with greater economic cost to employers and society.

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For Work
For Work

Managing the stress response can be a difficult maze to navigate for many people. It requires workable solutions to relieve pressure, so that we can regain control. The skill of self-regulation is a vital part of the solution. Self-regulation is the ability to regulate and manage our thoughts, emotions, physiology and behaviour when we feel under pressure.

Managing stress and anxiety also requires awareness of biological processes that are normally invisible, and that’s where TakeTen’s Resilience training comes in. A critical key to unlock resilience involves a better understanding of the repetitive cycle of negative thoughts and feelings in our stress response and their impact on our physical and mental wellbeing.

TakeTen Resilience Training for the workplace

TakeTen Resilience Training provides employees with the necessary self-management strategies to make the required life changes, and we use our new technology to do that.

The Training introduces employees to the award winning Taketen technology allowing them to see a digital image of their stress response in real time, and learning how to effectively manage it. It gives employees a greater sense of agency and self-control to manage the stress and stressful situations in daily life.

For many employees, the stress cycle starts at home rather than the workplace; however when employees are under pressure, they tend to bring their worries into work with them which often leads to presenteeism. TakeTen training doesn’t just stop at helping employees, we can also provide the App technology for their family members, to help break the cycles of stress at home.

TakeTen helps to support employers, employees and their families.

For Work

What our customers say about TakeTen

“Its great to have something to support at the touch of a button. It has given me an easy way of relaxing quickly and discretely”

Danske Bank employee

“The training was amazing. Honestly blown away by the session. These practices will be really helpful. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks.”

Portview ltd Employee

“Such a good session. I was apprehensive because we’ve done other sessions on stress management before that don’t really offer a solution. This software is a really useful tool that, having had stress myself and having a very anxious daughter, this would be amazing for helping her”

NI Assembly Employee

“Excellent resource, very useful. Want it now”

Capita Employee

“Really good course, very informative. I kept interest throughout. Great that it covered family life as well as work”

Rockwell Collins Aerospace employee

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