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It’s important for children to have access to support and tools to manage anxiety and stress so that they can develop the competencies and strategies necessary to navigate the challenges they will encounter in life.

When children are given the necessary support and tools to manage anxiety and stress, they can develop a greater sense of agency and confidence. They are more likely to develop healthy coping mechanisms that will serve them well throughout their lives. This can be particularly important as children make the different transitions in life.

Each stress controlling activity within TakeTen programme for schools has been carefully designed to do just this, helping thousands of children and young people to learn how to take control of their emotions both at home and in school.

A study carried out by Queen’s University Belfast on the impact of the TakeTen Programme showed statistically significant improvements in primary school children’s emotional symptoms, conduct problems, hyperactivity and social skills.

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Primary Schools

The Taketen App can be used in classrooms to train and support children of all ages and abilities. It is particularly effective for those children for whom self-regulation is difficult, including neurodivergent students with ADHD, Autism or emotional dysregulation problems.

Taketen iPad App

TakeTen iPad App can be an invaluable tool for teachers and teaching assistants. This novel App monitors heart rate patterns through the use of a soft ear clip, communicating the young student’s feelings in a digital pattern on screen. Using instant feedback on the iPad screen, the interactive games or meditations show the young person how to manage their breathing and mindset to move from anxiety to calm. The app can be used with individual students during time-out periods with classroom assistants, or teacher led to the entire class. 

“As teachers, TakeTen has completely transformed our understanding of how to help children manage stress and become more resilient learners. Unquestionably, the best and most accessible resource I have seen.”

R Topping, Headteacher, Broughshane

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The TakeTen classroom meditations can be used by everyone in the class at the same time. The unique “Taketen & breathe” and “Safe place” meditations train children to use their imagination to experience a sense of calm. These short meditation and breathing tracks become important tools for the teacher to manage the classroom environment and to teach children how to manage the daily classroom transitions.

Second and third level education

TakeTen is used widely in post primary education settings to help teenagers manage stress and anxiety. The tools are used on a one-to-one basis particularly in the school or college support or SEN facilities. The TakeTen iPad app is used to help students to manage stressful moments during the school day, and the TakeTen smartphone App supports them at home

For Education

Students with difficulties in self-regulation can face significant challenges in managing their emotions and behaviour, which can impact their learning and social interactions. The Taketen App can provide these students with effective tools and strategies to manage their emotions and behaviour, helping them to feel more confident and in control.

The iPad App is supported by the new Taketen smartphone app which helps to support students when they are at home. The smartphone app is an ideal resource to help all students;  a portable solution to use wherever they are.

Special education

Students who often benefit most from TakeTen, are those for whom self-regulation is problematic. This includes students with special educational needs including Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, or other learning difficulties.

Students with learning difficulties often feel marginalized and different from others in their peer groups. The anxiety related to their learning difficulties can be further compounded by the anxiety of trying to ‘fit in’ or being judged by others.

TakeTen has shown very positive benefits for children with special needs and learning difficulties. The visual element of the solution works very well, particularly for children with Autism and ADHD. 

The Taketen App has the potential to promote inclusive education and support the diverse needs of students. By providing effective tools and strategies for managing stress and anxiety, we can help all students to develop the competencies necessary for success in school and in life.

“ Using TakeTen, the students can visually see themselves calming down and begin to make the link between what it looks like and what it feels like. This is the other great benefit of Take Ten. It is quite common for neurodivergent young people to have a lack of awareness of their own body.”

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What our customers say about TakeTen

“TakeTen helps me to get to sleep, helps me to calm myself when feeling stressed especially during tests…”

9 year old student

“The students all appear to be calmer, happier and more focussed with the use of TakeTen.’ Year 10 Form Teacher”

School App User

“TakeTen is an integral and effective part of our emotional health and wellbeing programme. It enables children to learn how to self regulate their emotions and diminishes barriers to learning. It enables our children to be emotionally resilient.”

Naomi Leaver, Head Teacher, Robinsfield Primary School, London

Case Studies

For Education

TakeTen data analysis: Colin Schools, Belfast June 2014

Conducted by Queens University, Belfast, Institute of Childcare Research Analysis based on over 500 children in 19 classes from four […]

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